Allergy Season

Arrghh…it is that time of year again.  Everything is blooming & beautiful.  I’ve got half my veggies in and the pollen sky rockets!   But, you know, when we were setting records with pollen counts over 8,000, I did not feel too bad.  But, the other day with a pollen count in the 800’s, it hit me like a brick.  Fortunately, Allegra is not one of my triggers.

Anyway, every morning and evening you will find me with my face over a bowl of steaming water with a towel over my head.   Add, a little eucalyptus oil and I feel human again.  If it gets ahead me and I get an infection, I’ll start using the neti pot…I use purified water & not tap water, to avoid any infections from the water.

I did have one attack & a few days of just not feeling real good.   So, I’ve consumed a bit more grape juice and dextrose tablets than normal.

Still, my vegetable garden is unfinished.  Fortunately, my wife is not bothered by the pollen and is keeping everything watered.

Be careful out there!

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