For most of my life, I could east most things.   Fortunately, I did not have a hankering for broccoli or cabbage & I did not go overboard with meat intake.  Anyway, the deepening of the porphyria has definitely reduced my dietary options; and, this has been complicated by diverticulitis, which I’ve no doubt was caused by the colon spasms that occur during attacks.

Luckily I am married to a foodie.  Here is the recipe for a vegetable chicken soup that is a staple in my diet.

3 quarts organic chicken broth
chicken (still on bone)
2 stalks celery
tablespoon salt
2 lbs shredded carrots
tablespoon garlic
3 bay leaves
1 red onion
2 lbs mushrooms
rosemary & thyme (finely ground)

Bring this to a boil; then turn down & simmer for an hour.   Then remove the chicken, celery, bay leaves, and ginger.

chopped sweet mini peppers & bell peppers of various colors
chopped asparagus
green beans
* I’ve found that too much of either ingredient bogs me down; and, I’ve heard that they are triggers for some sufferers.  I still eat spinach in salads and on sandwiches; but, in much smaller quantities…no problem.   I eat green beans much less frequently; but, no trigger.

Bring this to a boil, then turn off & set to the side with a lid on it.  After the chicken is cool enough to handle, break into small pieces and add to the soup.   I do not return the celery to the soup for fear it can cause a diverticulitis flare up.  Too much ginger has caused attacks; so, it stays out, too.  Of course, we always carefully remove all the seeds from the peppers.

This will provide many safe meals.  And, there is always a lot of material to add to the compost pile.



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3 Responses to Soup!

  1. Gail says:

    I love your blog.. I live your story also.

  2. Kit says:

    I’m surprised you can tolerate the garlic! A lot of porphy people cannot.

    • Greg says:

      It may not be good for me; but, it tastes soooo good. It doesn’t cause an attack; and, we have not noticed a significant reaction. But, we are careful with it.

      Another item that is kind of weird is ginger. We put it in soup, while cooking; we take it out when it is done. It not only helps the flavor; but, seems to help it keep from spoiling. Sometimes ginger causes me problems though.

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