Caught a cold

When I get whatever bug is going around, there are generally related problems.   Right now, I am having to deal with the bacteria in my eyes blooming, and infection in my gums, and nasal congestion.   I would imagine that this is common with porphyria, as the liver is already bogged down dealing with enzyme problems and the resultant toxins.   How can it also handle the cold, or whatever I’ve got?

A doctor told me what to do when the bacteria in my eyes blooms.   Buy cosmetic cotton squares, put baby shampoo on one & gently wipe around the inside of the eye lids.  This will kill the bacteria & no burn, in the process.  Now, whenever my eyes have gunk in them, I wash with baby shampoo & the problem is gone in a day or two.

For the sore gums, I rinse a couple times a day with salt water.  This works in a day or two, also.  Because of the constant chewing of dextrose, I brush 2-3 times a day, to prevent cavities.

For the nasal problems, I start the day with Allegra, then  I use a Neti pot with purified water, not tap water.  Later in the day, I cover my head with a towel while holding my head over a steaming bowl of water with eucalytus oil.  After a while, I use Flonase.  In the evening, I use the bowl of steaming water.

Of course, while going through all this, my intake of dextrose increases.

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5 Responses to Caught a cold

  1. Chelsea Drew says:

    I got a cold recently and it was so bad I considered it to be the flu. Turned out it was a cold and a kidney infection, which was more serious. Because of Porphyria, I considered vomitting to be normal or part of having the flu. This reinforces that if you have Porphyria to be mindful of common and similar symptoms.

    • Stina says:

      I have AIP, so when I feel a cold coming on I wash all my bed sheets, hair, floors etc. I also over hydrate and eat fresh foods that are safe. I have found that this sometimes will help prevent the complicated process of having a cold on top of Porphyria! If I do have a cold, I anticipate an attack and sort of prepare accordingly with plenty of glucose and magnesium on hand. It can be confusing to distinguish between what symptoms are caused by the virus and which involve Porphyria. Hope you are feeling better Chelsea!

    • Greg says:

      Vomiting to be a normal part of porphyria? My heart goes out to you. The last time I had to vomit was when I had pancreatis…thanks to a brilliant liver specialist.

      Sorting out the competing & overlapping symptoms is a challenge, isn’t it?

  2. Beth says:

    I read about the sinus problems, is that due to porphyria or cold. I have had 3 sinus surgeries in the past two years. I have just been diagnosed with corporphyria. I went to eye doctors for the chronic pink eye. He said my eye was swollen and the repeated infections (I think you call them blooms) were indicating a systemic problem. I teach preschool. I am exposed to everything. just never thought the sinus stuff was part of porphyria. I also get migraines, light sensitivity, nausea, copd type symptoms and once had chest pains.

    • Greg says:


      I think that I have continuous sinus problems because my body is so bogged down dealing with porphyria that it cannot handle infectious stuff that most people can just cast off. Associated with that is that I am sensitive to so many foods and environmental substances. Because of the sinus problems I have saline spray on hand, always. Another thing you might try is essential oils like eucalyptus or peppermint; I put a drop in steaming water that I breath in.

      Sometimes I have blooms in my eyes, too. A physician’s assistant suggested that I clean my eyes with baby shampoo and lint free pads that are available at drug stores in the cosmetics aisle…it works for me; you might want to give that a shot.

      I hope this helps.


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