Fructose Glucose Ratio

Well, I was really surprised with what I learned about sugars, when I researched glucose.   While trying to gain a better understanding of the glucose and fructose content of various foods, I stumbled across the term fructose glucose ratio.   And, I was surprised again.  After, I gain a better understanding, I’ll either add to the Sugar page or create another page for this ratio.

A quick overview: for reasons address on the Sugar page, it is easier on the liver to consume more glucose than fructose, meaning it is preferable to a fructose glucose ratio less than or equal to one.  Here are a few examples that I found on the Food Intolerances Org website.

Papaya = 0.3, potato = 0.7, mushrooms = 0.8, sour cherries = 0.8, carrots = 0.9,  orange = 1.2, green beans = 1.4, apple sauce = 1.8, apple juice = 2.7, mango = 3.1

Wow, that is discouraging.   I love apples.   No wonder mangoes cause attacks; well, there are probably other things in mangoes that bother me, too.   And, asparagus is a 1.2; I love fresh asparagus from the garden.  I guess, I’ll just have to munch on some glucose tablets after picking asparagus.  Plums are pretty good & grape juice is acceptable, in regard to the fructose/glucose ratio; but, they are not good in that they cause the generation of porphyrin enzymes.


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