Grape Juice

Well, it was just pointed out that grape juice is one of the foods that stimulate heme synthesis (thanks, Chris!).  After doing some research, I found that he was right.  In the process I stumbled upon sulfites being a problem, too.   I’ve made changes to the “Diet” page, as a result of this.

I am really disappointed, as grape juice is one of the few juices that has an acceptable (in my view) fructose glucose ratio.  I’ve drawn a line at a ratio of 1, though I prefer to have much less than 1.  The higher the number, the more fructose there is in relation to glucose (bad).  I like to have fruit juice to mix with magnesium citrate / magnesium sulfate.

Right now, I am trying out a mixture of pineapple, grapefruit, and orange juices; to this I add powdered glucose.

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