To chocolate or not to chocolate: that is the question:
Whether ‘tis nobler to suffer
The pains of an attack
Or to steel your will power against the delicious urges…

Seriously, I am a chocolate lover; but, we know what that means.   Is it going to cause an attack?   Is it worth the risk?

What I found, is that white chocolate always causes an attack (it is pure fat); so, just the sight of it is actually repulsive.

Milk chocolate is an irritant.  So, it really depends on how well I am feeling and if I really want some chocolate.

Dark chocolate is so minor of an irritant, that I don’t consider it much of a risk.  I can get away with eating a York Peppermint Patty, with nary a risk…as long as I am not hungry.

And, another safe snack with chocolate (at least for me, it is safe) is a devil’s food cookie made by Snack Well.  We find this at the Publix grocery store.

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  1. Stina says:

    Have you tried pure cacao chocolates? Maybe something that has less additives, you can find some of these boutique chocolate spots in most larger cities.

  2. Kit says:

    Sorry to be bugging you. I just found your website, so you may be hearing too much from me all at once.

    I canno eat and do not even want chocolate unless it has nuts in it. Maybe that combo would ease some of your misery. Mr. Good Bars are often medicine for my porphyria.

    White & dark chocolates both cause diarrhea for me, so I avoid them.

    • Greg says:

      Not a problem, Kit. We have to share what we know with each other. Interesting that nuts balance out the chocolate for you. Chocolate has a high fat content & nuts are protein; without a bunch of carbs, the nuts & chocolate combo would seem like a recipe for disaster.

      I do wish that I could eat nuts; but, I’ve also got diverticulitis. I fully believe the diverticulitis is a result of the spasms & seizures in my gut during attacks.

      The way that everyone’s bodies react so differently is one of the reasons it is so very difficult to deal with porphyria. I wish there were an easier method, than trial and error, to find what is safe & what is not safe.

      • Kit says:

        Do you muscle test?

        • Greg says:

          I had to look up muscle testing; so, that would be “no”. The closest that I come to muscle testing is when I was younger “how much can I lift”. 😉

          I’ve thought about acupuncture, though.

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