Can’t Eat

A family member with acute porphyria has trouble eating; this has been going on for 6 months.   Not only is it hard to eat; but, there is a metallic taste & vomiting is imminent.  EGADS!   The only thing safe to eat is apple sauce….wow, too much fructose.   Sometimes it is easier to eat with others around; but, alone…nope…it is a huge problem to eat alone.

I can only relate a little, in that I am on steroids to get over bad ear & sinus infections…and, food is not interesting.  Of course, I am forcing myself to eat.  But, it is nowhere near the problem described above.   And, I know that steroids are not good for porphyria; but, it is the lesser of two evils.

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  1. Kristi says:

    I am not yet diagnosed but my doctor has a high suspicion that I might have porphyria. It came on so rapidly and for 2 weeks i ate next to nothing, only tolerating applesauce. After a brief hospitalization, with yet no diagnosis I was discharged. Now on the out patient side still completing tests, bloodwork, and specimen we may be getting somewhere. I am still not interested in eating 6 weeks after symptoms appeared and force myself to eat and keep it down. Vomiting is usually imminent but sometimes tings stay down. I live alone and have been alone most of the time that I have been dealing with this. It is so much easier to not eat than worry about what might happen if I do eat. AHHH!!!

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