Maca & Porphyria

I read that the abundant energy and resilience of a South American soccer team was due to their use of maca as a supplement.  Apparently, maca is not only good for energy, it helps improve healing.   So, I decided to try it, after I got over a cold.  In the mean time, my wife tried it with great results, in regard to improved energy.

Well, the initial response was that I felt sluggish, even with added glucose.   That did not surprise me, as vitamins will bog me down.  So, I decided to take it before bedtime…bad move; this stuff causes nightmares, when used before bedtime.

So, I switched back to days and got progressively worse, to the point of a minor attack.  We decided that maca and porphyria do not mix.  The last dose was yesterday morning; and, I am starting to get back to my baseline of just feeling marginal.

Our verdict – maca & porphyria don’t mix.   It is pretty cool stuff for folks who aren’t in the porphyria club.

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  1. Loura du Plessis says:

    What should be the best supplements for a women in menopause as Maca is not one of them?

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