French Fry Diet

Sometimes, I have no choice but, to eat in a restaurant.  I used to love eating out with friends, business associates, whoever.  Now, as we all know, it is dangerous.  So, I am sitting in a restaurant for a business lunch…so many good things to eat.  But, I’ve had a particularly rough spell lately; so, I am as careful as I always should be (but, frequently not).  I started in the salad section of the menu…ruled out several & a couple looked manageable, if I asked them to remove anything with seeds and don’t add cheese or salad dressing (I miss oil & vinegar).  Then I noticed they used broccoli in the kitchen…rule out all the veggies.  Started looking at the other dishes, too much fat, char broiled beef, etc.  Decided on fries.  Fortunately, I carry safe sandwiches around with me.

Well, the waiter was a bit surprised, of course.   Yep, just fries. No thank you, ketchup is not needed.  Of course someone from the other end of the table was very curious about my meal.  So,  I just told him that I was on a french fry diet.  He wouldn’t let it go; so, I told him my mommy wasn’t around, so I can get away with it.  And, I don’t have to eat broccoli, either.

No attack.  Ta Da!

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