Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets cause an itchy rash & bomb my system.  We figured this out about a year or so ago.  What a bother.  So, we have someone staying with us & they use dryer sheets.  I did not realize this and no one thought to pass on the request not to use dryer sheets.  For a couple months, I have been wondering why I have been scratching so much; we’ll, it was resolved when I found a dryer sheet.

On a somewhat related note, I was talking with someone, today, who not only has problems with dryer sheets; but, he has problems with starch causing rashes.   He does not have porphyria.  Luckily, the dry cleaner does not use starch on my clothes.


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  1. Zibbi says:

    Thanks for this tip!! My mother’s itchy rash foiled a number of physicians attempts to help for over a year. She finally stopped the “allergy friendly” fabric sheets. All gone!

    My face swelled up a few months ago. Very itchy. I had used an “allergy friendly” sheet which is unusual for me – I don’t usually use ANY extra inessential chemicals for both enivonmental and health reasons. My usual snooping revealed that hair conditioner and fabric softeners share a lot of ingredients. I had bought a new “organic” brand of conditioner that same day. Still not sure, but I have avoided both.

    • Greg says:

      I am glad that helped, Zibbi. It is really unfortunate that all of these helpful substances bother us. I wonder how much it bothers those who use these products with “no problems”; are these products slowly degrading their health?

  2. Ara says:

    Most of those products contain xenoestrogens.

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