Sleep or Food

What a tough choice.  Wake up hungry, at 4:30.  If I get up for food, I may not get back to sleep…and, I really, really need my sleep.  If I don’t eat right away, I will be hurting, when I do get up; the discomfort has already started…not quite pain, but, thinking about it.  Arggghhh.  And, will I be able to go back to sleep, with all of this going on?   Whenever this happens, I typically get up & get a sandwich.  Most of the time I get back to sleep; but, it is generally not good sleep.

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3 Responses to Sleep or Food

  1. Zibbi says:

    Cautionary tip (that I hope helps!): using the computer at night can disrupt your biological clock. Light drops the melatonin sleep hormone that naturally rises in the dark. From my snooping, one half hour of bright overhead light drops melatonin by 50%. Blue light is worst. Putting that together, staring directly into a computer or iPad screen before bed is not likely to be helpful for sleep. Switch to books for those last few hours 🙂

    • Greg says:

      Zibbi, the Nook application allows you to set the display for night time reading. Do you know how that behaves with melatonin levels?

  2. Zibbi says:

    Never heard of it. Thanks for the tip. I will check it out and also grab an opinion from a friend in the know…

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