Porphyria on TV

During the first season of the TV medical drama “House”, there was an episode in which the main patient ended up having AIP.  That was exciting & good news, to us.  Of course, I figured it out well before the end of the show; I would imagine that is the case with many other porphyria sufferers watching.   Anyway, while looking around the web to update my knowledge of what is out there, for us, I found this “House” wiki:  http://house.wikia.com/wiki/Porphyria  that has a lot of good information.

It also refers to other programs that mention or highlight porphyria.   The only other one that I was familiar with was on “Castle”, as I don’t watch the other programs.

We are convinced that “House” and “Scrubs” has helped gain visibility into this disease, in that we could not find any doctors with porphyria awareness until after “House” started using it.


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