pH Curiosity

One of the results from a recent physical exam was that I saw my urine pH was high.  Normal is 4.5 to 8.0, preferably around 7.4; mine was 8.5.  Well, this concerned me; is this another problem or just a side benefit of porphyria.  My hematologist said it is not a problem.

However, I bought some pH strips & have started researching, on my own.  The sample size is small, as this is day 4; but, this is what I have found so far:  (1) if it starts out at 8.5, then by the next 1 or 2 flows, it is back around 7-7.5.  (2) If I eat a sandwich in the middle of the night, my morning pH is around 7.0.   Again, the sample size is very small; two nights with a sandwich in the wee hours of the morning & two without.

I am going to try other things, too…what happens if I take a hot tub (sweat it out) the night before, what I make dietary changes, what about chewing glucose instead of eating?

I probably won’t come up with something that eases the porphyria problems.  But, you never know….

Update:  After a few more days, it is becoming obvious that the pH goes more alkaline, the longer it is since I’ve eaten.   The urine sample for my physical was provided in the morning, with no food after midnight…say eight hours with no food.  No wonder the pH was 8.5.

So, what did I learn?   Actually, not much.  But, it was interesting.

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