Food on the Road

The safest place for me to eat is at home, where I have complete control of the food.  Eating at a restaurant is an act of faith.   Some restaurants put so much crap on their salads, to keep them fresh, that it is better to eat french fries.  So, when I have to eat at restaurants, on business, I have to be very careful…and, keep track of what is safest at whichever restaurant we are visiting.  At Italian restaurants, I tend to eat plain pasta…though I must say it is tough to live vicariously through the other diners.

Generally, I make several smoked turkey sandwiches to take with me, when I head out.  The sandwiches are made with flour tortillas that have the least amount of ingredients possible, Boar’s Head smoked turkey (Black Forest), and lettuce and/or chopped peppers / onions.  In season, the lettuce comes from my garden.  For dessert, I carry York Peppermint Patties.

If going some place overnight, we sometimes take soup.  That only works if the hotel has a refrigerator and microwave.  Sometimes, we’ll boil potatoes & carrots, to take with us.

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3 Responses to Food on the Road

  1. Zibbi says:

    Cheese and banana, banana and cheese, repeat… That’s my travel mantra.

    • Greg says:

      Brilliant mantra, Zibbi!

      I frequently add bananas and apples to the cooler. The bananas will hold me over for a bit longer, than the apples. Note: both of those fruits cause problems for some people with porphyria. Actually, cheese can be problematic for some porphyria sufferers. I do my best to avoid milk products. Do you see any negatives, when you eat cheese? Have you found one type of cheese to be safer than other types of cheese?

      • Caro says:

        Hi Greg,
        I can´t eat cheese, or any milk product. I´m not sure about bananas..I think it’s very difficult to eat in restaurants, if I have to go down, I order pasta or mashed potatoes and vegetable soup .. but I think the best option is to eat at home. When I go traveling I take white bread, boiled potatoes, rice, rice cakes, my glucose and water ..
        Someone told me that vegans make a cheese with potatoes, it is made with boiled potatoes that are processed without water to make a fairly solid mash that looks like cheese. It is used as a replacement for cheese on the pizza. I have not tried it yet ..

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