Something else to deal with.   It was pointed out to me, by another in the porphyria club, that, not only are sulfites bad for us, they accumulate, too.  So, I started looking for information on sulfites; and, I found this great site:

This site helped me understand sulfites & how to identify offending foods / drugs.  This site does not take porphyria concerns into account; it is solely about sulfites.   It seems that there are folks who can reach porphyria levels of catastrophic system failure, with sulfite allergies.  My heart goes out to them.

The page, on the site, that I refer to is “OK, You Can’t Eat Everything”; this page lists foods with naturally occurring sulfites, foods with added sulfites, and words to look for in the ingredients lists:

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2 Responses to Sulfites

  1. Caro says:

    thank you Greg!! I think you’re doing a great job organizing the foods we can eat and which to avoid or be careful of. I personally have many reactions to food and I found that a lot of foods containing sulfites are triggers for me. Thanks for uploading it!!
    take care

    • Greg says:

      Hi Caro!
      Wow…sulfites is complicated subject. For me, they tend to be irritants, not complete triggers. So, when I work at cutting them out, I am always a little unsure as to what is working. So, if I don’t have an attack for a while is it because I’ve been removing sulfites, is there some other reason. Then there are the unknown triggers…you know, when you have to scratch your head and say “what the heck caused that???”. I feel real bad for the person that is running that sulfites blog; but, I am very thankful for their efforts to publicize it. I am sorry to hear that sulfites are an absolute trigger for you. Hang in there & keep up the good fight!


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