Something for Kelly

A high school friend lost his daughter, Kelly, to anorexia; he and his wife started a foundation called Something for Kelly to fight this problem.

Something for Kelly Foundation was nominated by Cunningham Fine Jewelry to receive a $10k grant from #JewelersforChildren.  To receive the grant, they have to be among the top vote receivers.   Voting is open 10/6/2014 – 10/19/2014

If you would like to help, go to  It is a bit confusing.  Click on Something for Kelly, then go to the bottom of the page, enter your email address & click submit.

[update 10/10/2014] Looks like S for K is in second place, today; but, it is a distant second place.  You can vote daily.  I’ve voted every day that this has been open.
[update 10/12/2014] Something for Kelly is now in a heated battle for 4th place.  Still voting.

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