Warning – be careful with ingredients.  Dairy products can be a problem (I can manage in small amounts); too much avocado oil can be a problem, too.

Baby Bel mushrooms
Tomato sauce – I’ve stopped using sauce.
Green onions
Sargento sharp cheddar (ultra-thin) – change to suit taste
Fresh oregano
2 flour tortillas
Avocado oil
Possibly garlic
Possibly black olives

  • Toppings
    • Slice up mushrooms, onions & possibly black olives to size preference.
    • Mix ups toppings
    • Add small amount of avocado oil, while mixing.
  • Sauce
    • add tomato sauce, cut up fresh oregano, salt, and pepper
    • mix
  • Flour tortillas
    • If using a stone or skillet, lightly brush avocado oil on surface.
    • Place one flour tortilla down and lightly brush avocado oil, then lay the second tortilla on top of this.  The oil will hold the two together.
  • Build
    • Apply sauce to tortillas to taste
    • Apply thin layer of cheese
    • Apply toppings to taste
  • Bake on convection @ 450° for 25 minutes on stone, 22 minutes on grate.  Cook times will vary depending on oven.
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