Sinus Infection – air filters and hydrogen peroxide to the rescue

One of my weaknesses is sinus infections.  I am allergic to many things and exposure causes my sinuses to be unhappy; then an infection sets in.

For a long time, I have been relying in saline spray (Ocean brand from Publix), hot steam (head over bowl, covered by towel) with eucalyptus essential oil, and hot tubs/showers.  This really reduces the need to get antibiotics…for me, at least.  I’ve talked to others with their own home remedies.  Avoidance of antibiotics is critical.  However, sometimes it becomes necessary.

This year, the antibiotics have not been doing the trick.  During the summer, I went 5 weeks on 3 courses of 2 different antibiotics.  The doctor wanted to send me to a specialist to do more “aggressive” antibiotic therapies.   That is terrifying.  So, I had to try something different.  The local pharmacist suggested that I get an air filter; he uses one from Winix…so, that is what I went with.  In addition to that, I started adding hydrogen peroxide to the saline.  With these two things in play, my sinuses cleared up in 3 days!  I don’t just spray the saline in a mist; I lean my head back or bend over, like I am touching my toes, and spray liberally.  I had to experiment with the amount of peroxide to keep from causing bleeding.  It stings; but, it is not bad.

I’ve discussed this process with my hematologist and my wife discussed it with her doctor; they thought it was a good idea, if it works.  I doubt they will suggest it to anyone though; doctors seem to be too steeped in pharmacology and surgery.

As in all things, consulting a doctor is the smart thing to do; and, where government control is strong, it may be the legal thing to do.

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