Sinus Infection – air filters and hydrogen peroxide to the rescue

One of my weaknesses is sinus infections.  I am allergic to many things and exposure causes my sinuses to be unhappy; then an infection sets in.

For a long time, I have been relying in saline spray (Ocean brand from Publix), hot steam (head over bowl, covered by towel) with eucalyptus essential oil, and hot tubs/showers.  This really reduces the need to get antibiotics…for me, at least.  I’ve talked to others with their own home remedies.  Avoidance of antibiotics is critical.  However, sometimes it becomes necessary.

** Note:  Eucalyptus oil may be a trigger for some people with porphyria.  It does not bother me; but, it may be bad for you.   Thanks to J.M. for the comment.  **

This year, the antibiotics have not been doing the trick.  During the summer, I went 5 weeks on 3 courses of 2 different antibiotics.  The doctor wanted to send me to a specialist to do more “aggressive” antibiotic therapies.   That is terrifying.  So, I had to try something different.  The local pharmacist suggested that I get an air filter; he uses one from Winix…so, that is what I went with.  In addition to that, I started adding hydrogen peroxide to the saline.  With these two things in play, my sinuses cleared up in 3 days!  I don’t just spray the saline in a mist; I lean my head back or bend over, like I am touching my toes, and spray liberally.  I had to experiment with the amount of peroxide to keep from causing bleeding.  It stings; but, it is not bad.

I’ve discussed this process with my hematologist and my wife discussed it with her doctor; they thought it was a good idea, if it works.  I doubt they will suggest it to anyone though; doctors seem to be too steeped in pharmacology and surgery.

As in all things, consulting a doctor is the smart thing to do; and, where government control is strong, it may be the legal thing to do.

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3 Responses to Sinus Infection – air filters and hydrogen peroxide to the rescue

  1. J.m says:

    Eucalyptus can be a porphyria trigger. N cleaning chemicals in house.

    • Greg says:

      Hi J.M,

      Thank you for posting that comment. Sometimes, I forget to mention that what works for me may not work for others. I will amend the original post to reference you comment.

      This is a perfect example of why food and activity logs are so important for people with porphyria…probably a good idea for everyone else, too.


  2. Shery says:

    Greg – do you still suffer from sinus issues? I may have several suggestions that might help you… Just let me know. I won’t post them… Blessings

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