Great Meal – at a cost.

My wonderful wife made a very delicious meal yesterday, with what we thought were safe ingredients.   I did not have a porphyria attack; but, it did bomb my system.  I got tired and sluggish, and, it was hard to think.  My eyes felt droopy.  I call it crashing; it happens periodically.   So, I have to be careful what I eat.

Here is the recipe.

Orange & yellow peppers, Vidalia onions, salt & pepper, organic dry garlic & onion seasonings (this may have been the culprit).  Stir fried it in a very little avacado oil.

Mixed with steamed rice and baked chicken.

This is the first time the organic dried garlic & onion seasoning has been used!  Arrgh!  Something so simple.

I am glad that I took the time to post this, because while were discussing the recipe, we realized what was the problem.

Anyway, a little glucose and a nap help me recover…at least on weekends.  During weekdays, glucose and get back to work.

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