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Coffee, coffee, coffee…well, not any more

I’ve known for a long time that coffee is not compatible with porphyria.  But, I really like coffee and was able to get away with it for a long time.   I’ve become so sensitive to it, that I had to … Continue reading

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Sinus Infection – air filters and hydrogen peroxide to the rescue

One of my weaknesses is sinus infections.  I am allergic to many things and exposure causes my sinuses to be unhappy; then an infection sets in. For a long time, I have been relying in saline spray (Ocean brand from … Continue reading

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My Responsibility

It is my responsibility to manage my porphyria.  This is not to take away from all of the support that I get from my beautiful wife; I don’t know how I would manage without her.  But, the bottom line is … Continue reading

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This is the way that I do it; but, you can remove the beef bone & chicken, if need be. Boiling the chicken on the bone and the beef bone draws needed nutrients from the marrow.   Many with porphyria believe … Continue reading

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Warning – be careful with ingredients.  Dairy products can be a problem (I can manage in small amounts); too much avocado oil can be a problem, too. Baby Bel mushrooms Tomato sauce Green onions Sargento sharp cheddar (ultra-thin) – change … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas

This is a wonderful time of year.  Time to be thankful for all of our blessings and for the birth of our Lord.   Now, to successfully avoid the chocolate & eggnog.

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Every morning I wake up feeling like I have a hangover…and, I don’t drink!  Eventually, that eases up & sometimes goes away.  Those are good days.  Sometimes, I think that I might as well drink when I want, since I already … Continue reading

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The Snickers commercials nailed it.  You are not yourself when you’re hungry…especially with porphyria.   The effect is many times as strong because the glucose starvation is deeper & then you throw in those nasty porphyrins.

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Something for Kelly

A high school friend lost his daughter, Kelly, to anorexia; he and his wife started a foundation called Something for Kelly to fight this problem. Something for Kelly Foundation was nominated by Cunningham Fine Jewelry to receive a $10k … Continue reading

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Wow!  How to handle nausea, when it is absolutely mandatory to eat or have a porphyria attack.    Everything that I write about is based upon my experiences & research related to those experiences.   I have no problem with nausea and … Continue reading

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