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Coffee, coffee, coffee…well, not any more

I’ve known for a long time that coffee is not compatible with porphyria.  But, I really like coffee and was able to get away with it for a long time.   I’ve become so sensitive to it, that I had to … Continue reading

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This is the way that I do it; but, you can remove the beef bone & chicken, if need be. Boiling the chicken on the bone and the beef bone draws needed nutrients from the marrow.   Many with porphyria believe … Continue reading

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Warning – be careful with ingredients.  Dairy products can be a problem (I can manage in small amounts); too much avocado oil can be a problem, too. Baby Bel mushrooms Tomato sauce Green onions Sargento sharp cheddar (ultra-thin) – change … Continue reading

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Wow!  How to handle nausea, when it is absolutely mandatory to eat or have a porphyria attack.    Everything that I write about is based upon my experiences & research related to those experiences.   I have no problem with nausea and … Continue reading

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Food on the Road

The safest place for me to eat is at home, where I have complete control of the food.  Eating at a restaurant is an act of faith.   Some restaurants put so much crap on their salads, to keep them fresh, … Continue reading

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pH Curiosity

One of the results from a recent physical exam was that I saw my urine pH was high.  Normal is 4.5 to 8.0, preferably around 7.4; mine was 8.5.  Well, this concerned me; is this another problem or just a … Continue reading

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Known Triggers & Known Good

I use extreme caution using these terms.  For instance, in my family, cucumbers are a know trigger; however, many porphyria sufferers enjoy cucumbers with no adverse affects.  On the other hand bananas are “known good”, in my family; while many … Continue reading

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Sleep or Food

What a tough choice.  Wake up hungry, at 4:30.  If I get up for food, I may not get back to sleep…and, I really, really need my sleep.  If I don’t eat right away, I will be hurting, when I … Continue reading

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Porphyria Safe Thanksgiving Food

I should have thought about posting this in early November; but, it is useful anytime, really.  From my beautiful wife… Brined Turkey: 14 lb turkey 2 gallons of water 2 cups salt 2 cups sugar 1. Dissolve sugar and salt … Continue reading

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Attack, attack, attack…repeat

This is frustrating.   After suffering almost daily pain killer level attacks for years, we isolated most of the triggers, so that I’ve only had a few minor pain killer level events in the last 14-15 months.  Previously, the attacks would … Continue reading

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