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Resource page more than a blog.

I think of blogs as frequently updated journals.  This is not that kind of site.  I set this up as a resource for my family and for other porphyria sufferers. But, it is not a cobweb.   I am notified of … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas

This is a wonderful time of year.  Time to be thankful for all of our blessings and for the birth of our Lord.   Now, to successfully avoid the chocolate & eggnog.

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Something for Kelly

A high school friend lost his daughter, Kelly, to anorexia; he and his wife started a foundation called Something for Kelly to fight this problem. Something for Kelly Foundation was nominated by Cunningham Fine Jewelry to receive a $10k … Continue reading

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Awake to pain…glucose…relief…for a bit, darn.

1:00 sound asleep, then ouch!  My chest hurts very bad.  Roll over, grab some glucose tablets, as the first one dissolves, the pain fades.  Relief.  Chew a few more, to be sure.  Lay back down; but, before sleep returns, the … Continue reading

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Here is something that is of concern to everyone, not just us with porphyria.  A friend attributes her breast cancer to parabens, as parabens were found in the tumors.   Actually, that is how I became aware of these substances.   They … Continue reading

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Something else to deal with.   It was pointed out to me, by another in the porphyria club, that, not only are sulfites bad for us, they accumulate, too.  So, I started looking for information on sulfites; and, I found this … Continue reading

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Air Travel & Porphyria

There are times when you have to be on the road & you just can’t drive.  That adds a whole new level of complexity; this is especially true, when it is a business trip & you have little control over … Continue reading

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Visit to Washington, D.C.

Road Trip! Of course, the cooler was packed with plenty of safe food for the road – smoked turkey, soft taco wraps (with a minimum of ingredients), and my home grown lettuce for sandwiches; sunflower butter (like peanut butter) from … Continue reading

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Terror at Boston Marathon

My heart and prayers go out to those folks affected by the bombing at the Boston Marathon. There are so many thoughts and feelings to contend with, when thinking about this evil attack on innocent Americans; but, then someone points … Continue reading

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Gall Bladders

Gall bladders store bile to release when digesting fat or to compensate for acid stomach.   When doctors remove the gall bladder, it means that it is more difficult to digest fat and acid stomach will just stay acidic; talk … Continue reading

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