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Keeping a food log is a great idea.  I can refer to it, if a problem develops, to help identify triggers & irritants.  Also, I like to get the opinion of my doctor, as to my diet.  I have run into the problem of repeating (safe) foods until I am sensitive to them.  Ara commented on this and got me thinking about it.  A book by Steven Rochlitz, PhD talks about this, too.   Anyway, below is a recent food log.  Please note that this works for me & may not work for others suffering from porphyria (note green beans).  I have recently given up coffee and saw an immediate improvement…I miss it so much. 

Food Notes:
* Water – Aquafina & tap water; 12-16 cups / day
* Sandwiches – low fat, low ingredient flour tortilla wrap, Boar’s Head chicken or beef, lettuce.
* Sandwiches – Sunflower or Peanut butter & pear (or apricot) preserve mixed with glucose on low fat low ingredient flour tortilla
* Soup – potatoes, green beans, mushrooms, celery, chicken (on bone), vegetable broth, salt, pepper, dill, beef bone (for marrow)
* Pizza – mushrooms, tomato sauce, green onion tops (or Vidalia onions), Sargento sharp cheddar, oregano on two flour tortillas
* Potato Salad – boiled potatoes, green beans, olives, Vidalia onions, oregano, salt, pepper, chicken
* Coffee – organic, black
* Cheerios like cereal – organic version
* Chips – baked Lays (regular chips have too much fat)
* Sushi – no tuna nor cucumbers

Process Notes:
* Most nights – middle of the night 6-20g glucose, few ounces water
* when on the road, I take sandwiches and water in an insulated backpack. I do not take chips as they are messy and get crunched.
* I eat right before bed, to carry me through the night.  Otherwise, I might have to get up and put together something.  If I think I may not make it through the night, I will have a sandwich ready…either a chicken/beef sandwich in an insulated container or sunflower butter/pear preserves.

Note: refer to sugar page to understand glucose.

1:00 AM Chicken sandwich
7:00 Soup
7:30 Coffee
8:30 Sunflower sandwich
9:00 Coffee
9:30 Apple
10:45 Chicken sandwich
1:00 Rice, asparagus, roasted chicken (Publix)
2:00 Coffee
3:00 cheerios, glucose, apple juice
3:30 BBQ chips
4:30 pizza – 3 slices
6:45 Asparagus, roasted chicken, mashed potatoes
7:00 orange slice candy – 3 pieces
8:45 roast beef sandwich & pop chips

6:30 Chicken sandwich
7:00 coffee x 2
8:30 soup
9:00 1 slice turkey bacon & 10 Trisquits
11:00 roast beef sandwich, pop chips, orange slice candy
12:00 ice cream sandwich
3:00 pizza – 3 slices
5 Snapea Crisps
7:00 pizza – 2 slices
9:00 chicken sandwich & BBQ chips

4:00 AM ½ chicken sandwich
6:30 ½ chicken sandwich
7:45 soup
8:30 coffee
9:00 apple
9:30 coffee
10:30 rice, asparagus, chicken
12:00 pizza – 3 slices
3:00 rice, asparagus, chicken
6:00 sunflower sandwich
8:15 soup & beef sandwich
9:15 ice cream sandwich

5:00 chicken sandwich
7:00 rice, asparagus, chicken
7:30 coffee
8:45 cheerios, glucose, apple juice
9:15 pizza – 2 slices
9:30 coffee
11:30 roast beef sandwich
1:30 chicken sandwich
3:30 oatmeal
4:00 pop chips
5:30 beef sandwich
6:30 Chic-Fil-A French fries
8:30 chicken sandwich & BBQ chips

3:00 AM chicken sandwich
6:30 pizza
8:00 sunflower sandwich
10:00 roast beef sandwich
11:30 Panera Bread – turkey on white bread with lettuce, chips
2:30 chicken sandwich & Pop Chips
5:30 roast beef sandwich
6:30 Chic-Fil-A French fries
7:30 chicken sandwich
9:00 boiled potatoes & roasted chicken

3:00 AM chicken sandwich
6:30 potato salad
8:30 apple, oatmeal
9:30 banana
10:00 roast beef sandwich
12:00 sushi
3:30 chicken sandwich
5:30 potato salad
8:00 peanut butter sandwich & BBQ chips

1:00 AM chicken sandwich
6:00 boiled potatoes & chicken
7:00 coffee
9:00 peanut butter sandwich
10:00 chicken sandwich
11:30 roast beef sandwich
12:30 Chic-fil-A French fries
2:30 coffee
4:00 potato salad
6:00 hummus & Trisquits / Naan chips
7:00 banana
8:30 chicken sandwich & BBQ chips



7 Responses to Food Log

  1. Ara says:

    The only diet that works for me is a 5 day rotation diet where you cannot repeat the same food before a cycle of 5 days. It is the gold standard for finding out what foods are triggering, even mildly triggering and what foods are not. Repeating foods makes me sensitive to those foods in the long term.

    • Zibbi says:

      Interesting, because 5 days is also the timeframe I have noticed in my alcohol reactions…

    • Greg says:

      Hi Ara,

      I’ve come to realize that I need to rotate my foods, also. I am going to post a new food log with a note about developing a sensitivity from staying with foods for too long. Some things are unavoidable or very difficult to avoid; for instance, I have to visit with customers around town and keep a backpack cooler with sandwiches…I have not come up with a convenient way to vary that.


  2. Lynn says:

    It’s 3:00 am and I am eating brown rice Triscuits and drinking ginger lemon tea. I did not eat enough yesterday because I have no idea what to eat anymore. I just read Dr. Rochlitz’s book, and while he lists plenty of foods NOT to eat, he does not really give a lot of ideas on a good rotation diet for porphyria. I must praise him for summarizing all that we go through with the barrage of symptoms, not only during an attack but otherwise with the “chronic smoldering porphyria” symptoms some of us, including myself, suffer from. I work in a manufacturing facility as Quality and Environmental Compliance Specialist – surrounded by paint and other solvents, and I am beat up, worn out, literally sick and tired of feeling bad to worse with chronic symptoms and frequent attacks. I have started on a few of the supplements Dr. Rochlitz recommends, D-mannose for UTI (a chronic symptom), pharmaGABA for depression and emotional instability (more chronic symptoms), and charcoal for absorption of toxins. In just the last few days, I think they are helping. He has a few more supplements, i.e. Glutathione that I intend to try, but I need to introduce things slowly. I am going to give my chiropractor a copy of Dr. R’s book so that he can finally understand why I cannot take the drawers full of supplements that he has given me over the years that have made me sick. People tend to think if it is “natural” it will be ok. WRONG. People tend to think if you just eat “in moderation” you can eat anything. WRONG Eating right and rotating seems to be the way to go, but I am still sorting this out for myself. I think a book about a porphyria rotation diet with recipes is in order – if I get it figured out I’ll write it! I was diagnosed with AIP 20 years ago and I have tried my best to deny it for the most part, but I am sick and tired of being sick and tired, so I offer it up to this group. Hi, my name is Lynn, and I am a porphyric…

    • Greg says:

      Hi Lynn,

      Gosh, I don’t know how you can deal with all those solvents. Sometimes, I can’t walk into Home Depot or Lowe’s because of the solvents.

      Finding a safe diet is hard. I do believe that not all porphyria have the same triggers and irritants. Some things that I think are common are that it is bad to have to much protein or fat in relation to carbs. Red grapes and derivatives may be a general trigger. Other than that, it seems that some sufferers can safely eat things that hurt me, such as cucumbers.

      I am glad that you realize that not eating enough is bad.

      Can I caution you on the use of supplements and vitamins? Your liver has to break those down & it is working overtime to get rid of all the toxins. If I use EmergenC (when fighting sinus infections) I add liberal amounts of powdered glucose to give my liver the energy to process it; this seems to do the trick as I no longer am bogged down after using the EmergenC.

      I hope you do write a book; I would like to read it.



  3. ryan carty says:

    You guys are incredible this sickness sucks I have not a clue what to eat anymore and sleep doesn’t even exist in my vocabulary I was even taking 45mg of mirtazapine a night and not a wink of sleep. This disease is straight from the devil himself. I can’t work, function, or do anything im like a hermit who just researches til my eyes bleed. I’m afraid to eat but know if I don’t I’ll be 100x worse. I think t. whipplei is behind all of this attacking the liver making enzymes become genetically altered just like in MTHFR. I’ve linked many things to this bacteria in my studies such as Alzheimer’s, hep c, HIV, diabetes, autism, all neurodegenerative diseases, and now mental handicap. All due to this bacteria breaking down and weakening the immune system causing an immune defect.

    • Greg says:


      I could not even begin to imagine what it would be like to have porphyria AND Whipple’s. I am truly sorry to hear about your suffering. I hope that you find some suggestions on this site that help you; but, all I can share is about porphyria.

      We are praying for you.


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