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Chronic Chlamydia and Associated Porphyria

ALN-AS1 – a potential treatment?×15/Porphyria.php

Good description:

In depth case study:

Paper:  Women with acute intermittent porphyria have a defect in 5α-steroid production during the menstrual cycle.

There are some folks in Arizona that think Porphyria can be treated with marijuana!

Here is an abstract on gene therapy fo Congenital erythropoietic porphyria

In this announcement from uniCure about gene thereapy, they mention that they are working on gene therapy for AIP!

From the British Journal of Dermatology:

FDA Safety & Innovation Act:

This book claims that up to 20% of people may have some type of porphyria showing up as problems with stress, allergies, etc…I think that is an exaggeration; but, hopefully, it will lead to more research:

Paper in Blood on diagnosis & treatment of porphyrias:

Paper released in AJHG:

Curebird (interesting pictorial on heme synthesis):

This article mentions King George, vampires, and werewolves:

American Porphyria Foundation starting Pain Project to inform medical professionals of the pain we deal with:

First known case of AIP in twins:

New study on AIP (too technical for me):

NY Times Health/Science has some kind of challenge for readers to come up with a diagnosis; this one was about AIP:


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  1. Karen Winter says:

    Have You Suffered Needlessly For Years Not Knowing What Has Been Wrong With You All Your Life? Porphyra The Ultimate Cause of Common, Chronic & Environmental Illness By Steven Rochlitz, PhD Foreword by Randall Langston, M.D. As the cover indicates, this hidden problem is often “the last piece of the puzzle” for many chronic illnesses, and/or Environmental illnesses. What is Porphyria?

    I have been severely ill all my life with Porphyria, and now I am suffering from the consequences of this such as a PFO or hole in heart and many other issues.

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