I’ve been asked what I use and where I get it; I’ve been responding to the queries, but, I’ve decided to list it here with links.   I do hope this helps.  If you buy these products, anyway, please click the links to help me defray the cost of this website.

Glucose tablets

Glucose Powder – there are many names for glucose (dextrose, corn syrup, corn sugar, etc.).   This is the cheapest that I’ve found.

Saline spray – great for cleaning sinuses.  I add a few drops of hydrogen peroxide when I am fighting a sinus infection.

Coffee enema kit – this works really well.  I hang it from the bar over the shower entrance & let gravity do the work.

Charlie’s Soap – Fragrance Free Laundry Powder.  Most laundry soap give me rashes and make me feel bad.  This one doesn’t.

Shampoo & conditioners.  We get this from the near by Trader Joe’s.  But, it is available on line, too.

Tom’s toothpaste.  We normally get this at the local Publix; but, it can be purchased on line, if necessary.

Winix air filters – I have both of these.  Unfortunately, we adopted a couple of stray cats – what can I say, they were skinny and starving.   The pharmacist recommended them to us…really helps.

replacement filters:

Phlem balls – ok, that is my name for them.  The doctor of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture did not like me calling them that…but, when I have a problem with sinus drainage, these things work wonders.

Magnesium Citrate – helps with constipation and cramps.

This is good for diffusing eucalyptus oil into the air, when I am having sinus problems.  Also good for getting hydrogen peroxide into the air.  Note – if it ever stops working, just let it dry out and try again.  I have 2 from different manufacturers that exhibit the same behavior.

Whole house humidifier.  My skin gets real dry and itchy during the winter.  This really helps.  Instead of using the recommended bacteriostatic treatment, I dump hydrogen peroxide in it.  Nothing grows on the wick.

Bathroom scale.